The 2nd annual Columbus Young Professionals Week (April 23-April 29, 2018) is a collaborative calendar of events & activities celebrating Columbus and all there is to do around the city for emerging leaders, young professionals, and students. Most events are free, but some require a ticket. Details and RSVP links are included with each event listing. Columbus YP Week is open to all who wish to join us!  #CbusYPWeek

Rachyl Kershaw

Greater Columbus Consulting LLC
Columbus, OH
With over 20 years of business experience in central Ohio, Rachyl has assisted executive teams in securing over $65M in funding, as well as helping businesses of all sizes create strategic goals that are realistic based on their past performance. Rachyl is the founder of Greater Columbus Consulting and has a passion for helping small local businesses succeed, especially Social Enterprises, nonprofits that want to capitalize on their strengths, and for-profit businesses that are working towards a higher purpose.